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Anesthesia Solutions

          by Providers Who Excel

In a medical environment where change has become the norm, you need an organization that can keep pace. The need for Anesthesia Services has grown dramatically, while the availability of human resources has not kept pace. Callisto Medical Services bridges this gap with a staff of experienced, top-flight Doctors and CRNAs, ready to assist your facility.

Both short and long-term facility needs are common in most Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities today. A dedicated and knowledgeable team that makes the transition to integrating into your operating room seamless, is essential. Our Anesthesiologists hail from some of the top training programs in the country. They are supported by a dedicated Home Team that takes care of all the details of transitioning geographically and professionally, so you do not have to.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

Ann C. Westawski




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